Wireless Surveys

Wireless Site Surveys for New Networks

Wireless site surveys are an essential component of any planning and design process for a wireless network. Comprehensive wireless surveys performed by industry professionals provide invaluable information, including the feasibility of a network at the selected site, as well as a complete understanding of the radio frequency behavior throughout the specified area.

Without a professional wireless survey, companies run a high risk of implementing wireless networks that simply fail to meet intended performance levels. ASCIO Wireless is an expert in wireless site surveys in New England and is recognized by numerous Fortune 500 companies nationally.

To ensure optimal wireless coverage, we deploy highly experienced network specialists to conduct wireless site surveys, which aid in the design of a fully scalable, functional, and secure wireless network. Using leading industry tools, such as wireless network analyzer software and AirMagnet™ (more RF devices), and a combination of techniques, such as network planning and design, we can effectively map a site’s radio frequency range.

The following information is produced upon completion of a wireless site survey:

  • Spectrum Analysis
  • Measurement of Signal-to-Noise Ratio
  • Radio Frequency Interference
  • Channel Overlap
  • Radio-Frequency Power Peaks
  • Proposed Access Point Locations

This analysis is crucial as many issues exist, such as hidden node problems and multipath distortion, which can prevent radio frequency signals from reaching all parts of a site. The information gained from a wireless site survey allows us to identify any such issues in regions throughout the site before designing and implementing a network for use by a business.

With a complete understanding of the radio frequency range, we can optimize wireless access point locations, channels, and power levels, then strategically choose the most appropriate hardware to deliver customers with the highest-performance wireless networks.

Wireless Site Surveys for Existing Networks

If you already have a wireless network in place, our highly skilled professionals can be of value, tailoring our wireless site surveys to meet your individual business needs. Wireless site surveys will determine if your existing network is performing at an optimal level and identify the root causes for any network issues experienced by your business.

The following information is produced upon completion of a wireless site survey:

  • Maps of the Radio Frequency Range
  • Measurement of Radio Frequency Interference
  • Diagnosis of Existing Wireless Connectivity Issues

With this data, we are able to provide recommendations for the resolution of interference and connectivity issues, bringing your wireless network up to speed. As a leader in the systems integration industry, we have extensive wireless design and installation knowledge. We will work with you to develop a brand-new network or improve upon an existing one. For a highly specialized, strong-performing wireless solution, contact our office outside of Boston for more information.